Empires and Allies The WarZone Hack

Empires and Allies The WarZone Hack

Empires and Allies The WarZone Hack

Empires and Allies The WarZone Hack

Empires and Allies Galaxy proudly Present a new way to hack Any Unit here are the details follow to given instructions to make units

Before Trying read this >> Whatever unit you wanted to hack that Unit must NOT be in your Inventory<< i repeat must not be in your inventory otherwise you won’t get any Unit

Reserve them in battles and then try the hack

How to hack any Unit through The WarZone

First of all we need Cheat Engine << Click here for Download

1. Enter The WarZone

 Live Combat

and Join any Veteran Elite or Master War Room

Warzone Room

2. Choose any person to attack.

 WarZone Attack

3. Choose the unit for deployment but do not deploy it yet, Scan the code of that unit which you want to deploy for battle in The WarZone for example DEPLOY (Elite Mechanized Solider Code UL38 and scan it with cheat engine 6.2 or any after scanning change the code UL38 to any T9 or normal unit’s. Unit Codes Links are given at the end of page

Important step: change land unit codes with land, sea with sea and air with air.

4. After deploying Click Fight

5. Attack any unit and refresh the game and check your inventory

Hurray…….You got those unit …. That’s All

Just Finished Making few Nimitzern

finsihed making


Make as much as you can until The WarZone Fight Expired….

You can make any unit you want which is not available in your inventory.

Same trick goes for other Air, Ground and Sea T9 units.

Most important you can change unit codes air unit with air units, ground with ground units and sea with sea unit. 

Empires and Allies The WarZone Hack

NU-45 Submarine        Rolling Thunder           Lightning Eagle Fighter

Sea Unit Codes     Land Unit Codes     Air Unit Codes

Write your feed back if you get success and like the post and Share with others…

Try At your OWN RISK do not blame me if something happens to your Game or WarZone 

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