How to Hack Tier 9 Units

How to Hack Tier 9 Units


How to Hack Tier 9 Units

First of all we need Cheat Engine

Method Updated…

 Important Note

if you cant able to make other T9 units its mean you are previously blocked by zynga for violation of there terms and conditions.

How to get unblocked from zynga server ?

Ans: just buy any t9 unit legally from them through EP point 

How do we get T9 series of The Rapid Assault Turret

Or Any T9 or Normal Unit in game

First of all we need Cheat Engine

1. Enter the new World Domination select the Alliances Tab and find an enemy that is using ground units

2. Put any unit in World Domination Alliances Battle

3. Scan the code of that unit which you deploy for battle in world domination for example DEPLOY (Elite Mechanized Solider Code UL38 and scan it with cheat engine 6.2 or any after scanning change the code UL38 to any T9 or normal unit’s. Unit Codes Links are given at the end of page

Important step: change land unit codes with land, sea with sea and air with air.

4. While deploying units do not exceed you max world domination strength or you will get error.

(example) Correct method of domination strength 3800/4000 <<<

4. After deploying Click Fight

5. If game hangs just ignore it and wait 10 to 15 seconds then reload game and check your Inventory.

You can make any unit you want which is not available in your inventory.

Same trick goes for other Air, Ground and Sea T9 units.

Most important you can change unit codes air unit with air units, ground with ground units and sea with sea unit.

Blocked User at zynga end can only able to make few tier 9 units which are highlighted in Red color

  • The Berserk Battleship  Code UU37 
  • The Galaxy Fighter Code UC25 
  • The Rapid Assault Turret Code UN34
  • The Vector Code UB92
  • The Crimson Copter Code UB65
  • The Alligator Code UT71
  • The Kilowatt Code UT49
  • The Venom Code UB52
  • The Nimitzern Code UM71
  • The Scion Code UM83 
  • The Kal Gunboat Code UU02



You can get All unit Codes Details from here

Unit Codes Daily Updated

Sea Unit Codes      Land Unit Codes       Air Unit Codes

Sea Unit Codes         Land Unit Codes        Air Unit Codes

Have Fun

Don’t ask me what else to do. try to get them as fastest you can before zynga patch that trick :)

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